Tool To Help You Tell If Your Idea Will Sell

OK, so you have an idea for a product or business…but how do you know if people will buy.

Here’s a quick and easy tool that can help. It’s from my “Turn Your Hobby Into a Business” workshop. Use it only as an indicator, not necessarily the final say-so! 😉

It’s the free tools on a website called Basically you see if there is money potential based on seeing if others are already making money in that category.

Follow these easy steps:

1.    Enter the topic of your product idea, selecting the “Keyword” option button, then click your “Enter”button on your keyboard.
2.    See the amount of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers for this topic.
3.    If it has between 10-50, it’s a viable category to pursue. If not, get ideas from the related key word phrases.



Let’s say a fitness enthusiast tries the word “fitness”. As you see below, there are not many Pay Per Click advertisers showing.


Now, let’s say he tries a related term…”Healthy eating”. It’s still a topic related to his hobby, still a topic he can find fun, and a topic with a lot of PPC advertisers (53). Focusing his business idea on healthy eating looks rather promising:

keyword-spy3This is one of many tools I make available to you in my “Turn Your Hobby Into A Business” download (take a peek!)