Taylor Swift: Marketing Genius!

Whether you’re a fan or not you MUST pay CLOSE ATTENTION to how Taylor Swift is marketing her new album “1989”…IT’S GENIUS!

Taylor has done a phenomenal job launching her latest album.
They do a lot of what I’ve taught my clients about the product launch strategy, so YOU CAN DO THE SAME:

1.    CREATE BUZZ (about 90 days out)
5.    LAUNCH

Here’s how Taylor implemented these steps in a MIND BLOWING way:

1. CREATE BUZZ (about 90 days out)
Taylor hosted several listening  parties and events using social media to promote them. She often used teasers on Instagram to promote these listening parties. She started doing these as early as August for product that launched in September.

Here’s an example:

Taylor’s marketing team built a presale page ready to go prior to these launch parties.

3. PARTNERS: Connect with those already connecting with your target audience.
Partnerships with Diet Coke and Target BEFORE launch.
Partnered with “The Voice” on air AFTER launch to keep the momentum going.
Media partners for interviews fall under this as well.

4. SOCIAL PROOF (Testimonials)
Product Demos: Taylor let fans “test drive” a song free prior to launch by doing a series of “Secret Sessions”, secret listing parties in her home. Fans were able to spread the word:


Obviously after launch, the campaign must continue. Taylor does this with a series of interviews and appearances. Watch how everthing comes full circle as Taylor tells the story about her Secret Sessions marketing strategy…on her broadcast interview marketing strategy:

So what ideas does this give YOU about YOUR product launch/marketing strategies?


Q and A: Trademarks, Blogs vs Websites, and Biz Licensing

Recently you have been sending me some GREAT questions about business, about creative entrepreneurship …about some REALLY thought provoking stuff!

With that said, I wanted to answer as many of them as possible and share them here because it’s usually a question others here have wondered about, too!

Get it to me using one of the following methods:

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  • “What is the best way to trademark a name and logo?” -Nina
  • “Do I need a business license for a freelance career?” – Matt
  • “The last time I used WordPress it was a blog. Do they have a service for an actual website?” -Jeremy

“What is the best way to trademark a name and logo?” -Nina

“The last time I used WordPress it was a blog. Do they have a service for an actual website? -Jeremy

“Do I need a business license for a freelance career?” – Matt

Why There Are No Hip Hop Billionaires and What It Means to YOU

An interesting observation from an article I read today on why there are no Hip Hop billionaires:

“You can go into Walmart and buy a Van Halen or AC/DC t-shirt and not find a single one for a hip hop group.”


Because rappers tend to have poor BRAND VALUE:

“Today’s rappers derive their value from external sources, be it luxury cars, liquors or clothing lines. They freely promote other people’s businesses to build brand value by association.”


1. Do a Google search for “rock group t-shirts” and the results go back as far as Led Zeppelin, KISS, Areosmith, Queen, Nirvana, U-2 and the list goes on.

2. Now do a Google search for “hip hop group t-shirts” and after RUN DMC and Wu-Tang, the pickin’s are slim.


Promote the uniqueness of the consumer experience with YOU, not the significance of the things you use, buy or wear.
Ask yourself this question: If my business did not exist, who would notice and why?

The “why” leads to your Brand’s value…and it will have nothing to do with your car, house or jewelry.

What do YOU think or say about this? Post a comment and share with others, too.

See the article in it’s entirety here>>

Basic Anatomy of Using the Internet for Your Business

How do you make sense of it all?

First they told us we need to have a website. So we got a website.

Then they told us EVERYBODY needs to be on Facebook…so we launched the Facebook page for the business.

NOW WHAT? How does it all fit together? What does it all mean? Is this a waste of time and money or is there true in the steps we’re taking?

Here’s what I like to call the “Anatomy of Using the Internet for You Business”:




1. First and foremost you HAVE to have a website. It must serve as “Homebase” or Head Quarters.

Can you get by without having a website for the business? Absolutely not. Doing so would seal your fate as a business soon to be out of business.









2. Use Social Media as a method of “outreach”. If your website is Head Quarters, your Facebook page is like an embassy. It’s like establishing a presence in other countries to connect and engage. It’s like renting space to reach your audience compared to your website being the house you own.








3. Finally, use Content Creation to position yourself as the “Go-To” resource for your industry. Your business can attract more new prospects and retain current clients by providing relevant TIPS, POINTERS, and INFO your audience finds helpful. Gone are the days of relying on PUSH or INTERRUPT marketing only. PULL marketing starts with attracting customers by giving away content of value. A weekly blog as a part of your website is the easiest way to share helpful resources to a growing fan base.










Share your feedback or especially your questions below!

How to Find Sponsors for Your Project or Business Idea

These are three Initial Steps toward Finding SPONSORS for your Business Idea, Blog, Book, Workshop, Etc:

First, potential Sponsors will want to know these 3 basics:
1. Who are the people that you reach? (Are they the people that do business with me?)
2. Does your blog really reach people? If so, how many? (NOTE: This does NOT have to be a huge number!)
3. How are you going get their attention about me?

SO, HERE’S WHAT YOU DO…(be sure to especially read #3!)

1. Make sure you know as much DEMO (demographic) info on your audience. Great way to do that: The “Likes” demo info on your FB page should be a GREAT place to start, assuming that your blog and FB content are the same topics.

2. Identify your Blog stats: Your traffic does not have to be huge, but the key is it being FREQUENT and TARGETED. Example: Sandra Renrick reaches women that buy hair care products. They WELCOME her messages at least once a week. She can keep a hair care, salon, or even a fashion-related sponsor in front of her group over, and over and over again because of her FREQUENCY to a TARGETED, qualified audience.

3. Ads on your blog are a basic starting point for your sponsor, but they can get that anywhere. USE YOUR RESOURCES: You have the power to do an interview your sponsor in front of people they are trying to reach! No ads they pay for now can do that! Don’t stop there! FB and your blog both have Poll features. Host a relevant poll that gives the sponsor feedback helpful to there business! This will be one of those “I never thought of that” ideas to your sponsor that gets them closer to saying “Yes, we’ll sponsor you!”